Dining Chair Seat Covers

Many people buy Kitchen Dining Chair Seat Covers to protect expensive upholstered chairs from messy kids (and adults).  Others buy them to introduce some elegance to their room and cover up existing stains.

While Dining Chair Seat Covers are all intended to protect your chair from spills and stains in some measure, there are a number of differences between the products so you should think through what it is you need carefully.  Before you buy you should consider how you feel about the following product attributes: protection (how waterproof is it), comfort, style, and fit.  The good and bad news is that there are only a few products in the market for you to choose from.

If you want something completely waterproof:

The most common, but often the least satisfying choice for a waterproof cover are vinyl covers.  The big plus is that they are extremely inexpensive.  The problems with vinyl covers is that they scream “cheap” in the most elegant room of the home, they are uncomfortable to sit on (sticky) and have a tendency to squeak.  They also are very difficult to secure in place because the vinyl straps used to tie them do not hold well, and that means they are often in the wrong place when spills happen.  You can see a typical vinyl seatcover here.  For our full review of vinyl seat covers click here.

There are two waterproof fabric options that cost more but are, in our opinion, well worth it.  The two products are the SmartSeat Chair Protector and the CleanSeat Dining Chair Protector.  Both are made from a fabric that is very comfortable to sit on.  The CleanSeat is cheaper but it is more like a waterproof towel than a secured solution.  Our editors pick is the SmartSeat Chair Protector which secures easily to your chair, will not slip and slide, looks great and is waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable.  For our full review of the SmartSeat click here.

If you want something comfortable:

All of the fabric options are comfortable to sit on just don’t buy a vinyl cover because they tend to squeak and stick.

If you want something to protect against kids spills:

The three most important factors when buying for kids are whether they will like sitting on them, whether they can completely protect the chair and whether they will stay in place.  Unless your kids are very easy going, stay away from vinyl.  While they protect great, they slip off the chair and the kids slip of the covers.  The stickiness factor makes the kids squirm more than usual.  The covers also tend to crinkle and kids seem to react negatively to the look.  Within the fabrics, only the SmartSeat Chair Protector and CleanSeat are waterproof and only the SmartSeat fastens securely.

If you want something that fits your style and decor:

All the fabric options might work for you but there are differences between them.  The table below is how we classify the various styles:

Seat Cover Type Style
SmartSeat Chair Protector Casual Elegance
CleanSeat Dining Chair Protector Traditional
Damask Traditional
ViveVita Traditional
Clear Vinyl Functional
EZ Covers Casual


For our reviews of the various dining chair seat covers click here.