Dining Room

There are two different categories of seat covers for dining room (and kitchen) furniture.  The two categories are best described as: Dining Chair Seat Covers and Slipcovers.  The table below describes will give you a quick overview of the differences.

Seat Covers


Primary Purpose

Protect the sitting area from stains and spills Change the look of your room


Easy to put on and take off
Are often waterproof
Maintain the look of your existing furniture
Can be highly decorative
Give your room a new look
Hundreds of choices


Do not protect the fabric on the back of the chair
Can be difficult to fit to all chair sizes
Can be uncomfortable if you have the wrong variety
More difficult to put on and take off
Limited protection from spills and stains
Overwhelming choice of sizes, colors and styles

Typical look

Typical Dining Seat Cover Image Typical slipcover image

Given how different the two products are from one another, it will help to be clear on your primary purpose before exploring further.  If you want to change the look of your room than a slipcover is for you and you can learn more about them here.  But, if you want to protect your chair from wear, tear, spills and stains then you’ll want a dining chair seat cover and can learn how to pick the right one for you here.