Damask Dining Chair Seat Covers

Damask Dining Chair Seat Covers
Damask Dining Chair Seat Covers


Better than Vinyl, but not as good as SmartSeat Chair Protectors.

When people think of dining chair seat covers, what often comes to mind are the clear vinyl chair protectors that can be found at some national retail stores.  This version fits chairs up to 21″ x 21″ and the cover itself is 26″ x 26″.  Vinyl chair protectors are an easy way to keep your dining chairs looking like new. Like all waterproof seat covers they take the stress out of eating and drinking for children and adults. The vinyl protects the chair seats so that they will stay stain-free and you can relax and enjoy your meals. Spills and drips wipe off easily, letting you save on cleaning bills. These covers can be taped or stapled to your chairs. But on the other hand, Vinyl is more rigid than fabric — particularly stretchy fabric — so you never get a truly tailored look with vinyl seat covers. There are vinyl ties but they have a tendency to work loose particularly with squirming kids on board, and kids will often pull at them as they eat.

Then along came Damask Chair Seat Covers…

Recently, the vinyl chair protector has found some stiff competition from alternative seat covers that are made from higher quality fabrics.  One of these is the Damask Chair Seat Cover that is available in bright red, blue, green and white damask fabrics that feature shiny flower embroidery and commonly retail for under $10 each.  The covers attach to chairs using tie backs, and is supposed to drape over the sides of the chair seat.

So what do we think of the Damask Chair Seat Cover and should you buy them to protect your furniture?

We have mixed feelings about the Damask chair seat cover. There’s no denying that a seat cover fabricated from cloth looks better than a clear vinyl cover, and is certainly going to be more comfortable to sit on than a slippery, squeaky plastic or vinyl cover. But unfortunately, the Damask seat cover is just not designed or made well.

Many users have complained that it slips and slides on their seats, saying that the tie backs do not work properly and there are not enough of them. Customers have also complained that the material is stiff and does not drape nicely over the seat of a chair. Many parents know well that kids tend to complain about sitting on chairs that are noticeably covered with a dish towel or loose seat cover; based on this reality, we are concerned that many kids will reject chairs covered with the Damask Chair Seat Cover.  Disappointing, when the idea had so much promise.

At this price point though, you know that there are going to be drawbacks and it is worth thinking them through before you go ahead and purchase.  The primary issues are fit, grip (to the seat of the chair) and look.

What other alternatives are there to protect your dining chairs from spills and stains?

Instead of the Damask seat protector, we recommend that you consider one of our Editor’s picks: the SmartSeat Dining Chair Protector, which solves the problems of Damask that were highlighted by its customers.

The SmartSeat is attached to a chair using straps with velcro rather than ties, so the cover can be neatly and securely stretched over the seat, and doesn’t have to be stapled to a chair like some vinyl seat covers. As a result, the SmartSeat fits chairs of many sizes better, doesn’t slip around, looks trim and blends in with your chair decor better than these bright Damask covers. You can learn more by reading our full review on the SmartSeat.

Still, if Damask is your thing, you can order these covers at a reasonable price here: Damask Chair Seat Covers