How to make your own seat covers for a custom fit at the price of ready-made

Picture of hammer

Picture of hammerThis is an unusual post for us because we cover slipcovers you can go out an buy but this is a fantastic video compilation that describes how to make your own slipcovers for your living room couch.  We’ll keep our eyes open for a similar explanation on how to make dining room chair covers to protect your wonderful dining furniture.

What we like about homemade covers is that they are somewhere between custom and semi-custom if you know what you’re doing.  These videos can help and get you something like looks much better than ready-made.  Of course, for those of us that aren’t very crafty, we’re going to stick with store bought versions.

For more information on how the differences between ready made, semi-custom and custom made seat covers please take a look at our buying guides for dining room seat covers, dining room slipcovers and seat covers / slipcovers for living room furniture.

Enjoy the video