Review: Clear Vinyl Chair Protectors

Clear Vinyl Chair Dining Seat Covers
Clear Vinyl Chair Protectors

Clear Vinyl Chair Dining Seat CoversWe just had to write a review about the granddaddy of all dining chair seat covers.  The clear vinyl chair protector for dining room chairs is what comes to mind for most people when they think of dining chair seat covers.  This version fits chairs up to 21″ x 21″ and the cover itself is 26″ x 26″.

The Vinyl Chair Protector is an easy way to keep your dining chairs looking like new.  These transparent  vinyl seat covers protect and display the beauty of your dining room chair upholstery.  Like all waterproof seat covers they take the stress out of eating and drinking for children and adults. The vinyl protects the chair seats so that they will stay stain-free and you can relax and enjoy your meals.  Spills and drips wipe off easily, letting you save on cleaning bills.  Each chair protector is made of durable, thick, clear vinyl and designed for years of use.  These covers can be taped or stapled to your chairs.

So what do we think of vinyl covers and should you buy them to protect your furniture?

For starters, vinyl seat covers are far and away the least expensive dining seat covers on the market.  At around $8.00 for two, they are one quarter the price of our editors pick SmartSeat Dining Chair Protector.  As an additional advantage, it is quite obvious what you’re getting when you buy a vinyl chair cover and unlike fabric covers you don’t have to think about whether it is truly waterproof, machine washable and stain resistant.  People also tend not to think about wear and tear with vinyl covers.  The final advantage is that since they are see through, you can see the fabric of the dining chair which is appealing to many people.

At this price point though, you know that there are going to be drawbacks and it is worth thinking them through before you go ahead and purchase.  The primary issues are fit and look.

Vinyl is more rigid than fabric — particularly stretchy fabric — so you never get a truly tailored look with vinyl seat covers.  In addition, the covers are very difficult to secure to the chair in most instances.  There are vinyl ties but they have a tendency to work loose particularly with squirming kids on board. and kids will often pull at them as they eat.  Instead of using the ties, many customers staple the covers to the underside of the chair but putting staples in the chair can damage it for the long term.

The look of a plastic vinyl cover is not for everyone.  Some people feel that it makes them seem cheap.  Others feel like it makes them seem old fashioned.

Vinyl covers tend not to last as long as most people think they will.  Long time owners report that they can rip in as little as six months and that you are then you are left putting more staples into your chair.

Finally, many kids seem to balk when asked to sit on vinyl.  It’s slippery and sweat inducing and unless they are stapled will tend to bunch and wrinkle making for an uncomfortable sitting surface.

Overall, customers seem very split on vinyl covers.  Some love the look that shows of their chairs, the protection and the price.  Others complain about the fit, the look and the longevity.  If you think that this is the dining chair seat cover for you than check them out here: Clear Vinyl Chair Protectors